Apparently the President is now taking hydroxychloroquine. That’s what he says, at any rate, and when has the guy ever told a lie? The drug is not a proven prophylactic for COVID-19 and can cause deadly heart arrhythmias, so for once I’m one hundred percent onboard with his strategy. Carry on, fearless leader. Carry on.

Like many of us, I’m conducting an ongoing post-mortem during the mortem, wondering how the actual fuck we got to be so stupid in this country. Mostly I blame Fox News and the Rush Limbaughs of the world, because without the imprimatur of the media, Trump is just a fat guy with a combover, all-capping on Twitter and selling steaks and fake degrees to the kind of people who were always going to buy that shit in the first place. Fox built the bubble, that’s what I believe. They did it so well that no one inside the bubble realizes where they are. Previously rational people are convincing themselves that we can’t possibly have over 90,000 people dead in this country, and in Florida they’re actively cooking the data and firing officials who won’t go along.

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You could argue there are other causes more relevant to the state of the country. Social media, the fall of the middle class, entitlement, the myth of American exceptionalism. The original sin of racism, to which everything can be linked. Maybe it’s the whole toxic brew of social angst and the unmooring of our values. (Did we ever have those? Were they real or just convenient?)

I’m lost, truly. In the wilderness, without a compass, far from home. Lost. I’m trying to use some of our real life as fodder for the world I’m building in my series, but there’s so much I just don’t understand, starting with this:

How did we get here?