Microfiction VI

Little Dog, Big Dog

The little dog barges through the door like a boss. Teasing, we leave just the crack of an opening, into which he shoves his nose and then the rest of him, a triumph of an entrance! The big dog, aching to follow, becomes trapped on the threshold, one paw inside and three paws out, suspicious of his welcome, though we are pressed to the wall and murmuring reassurance, but no, he’s back in the yard, circling the runway, as it were, to make another try, and it’s two paws in this time, it’s progress, but no, he’s back in the yard with an expression of dejected reproach, and now he won’t budge though we call and call, and the wind is sharp and we’ve become exasperated, You have lived here for three years, you silly creature, so we close the door and leave him out there, shivering, while the little dog eats the big dog’s lunch.