Eight to Five

This week I had to write a job description for my boss:

Patient Care Coordinator (aka Receptionist)

  • Schedule patient appointments.
  • Answer phones, take and distribute messages, greet and check in patients, manage emailed communications with patients.
  • Manage requested schedule changes for existing patients, updating wait-list spreadsheet to document patients’ availability and expedite flow of new patient appointments.
  • Send welcome letters to patients at the start of therapy to reinforce polices and confirm scheduling arrangements.
  • Assist in notifying patients when provider is not available.
  • Build provider schedules and adjust as needed. Document time-off requests.
  • Communicate with clinical and administrative staff regarding the status of discharged patients and those reengaging in therapy.
  • Check new patient paperwork for completeness and accuracy.
  • Maintain and manage patient records. Scan documents, label and import documents to patient accounts, assemble charts. Scan and disassemble discharged charts.
  • Work to convert existing charts to EMR.
  • Take copays and coinsurance payments on check-in, over the phone, and via electronic transfer.
  • Process EFT insurance and HSA payments as needed, apply to accounts.
  • Pick up, open, and distribute mail and faxes.
  • Prepare and address statements and claim forms, mail them out.
  • Get new privacy policies signed annually.
  • Assist in tracking new referrals, authorizations, and prescriptions as needed.
  • Fulfill requests for chart notes, reports, and other medical records.
  • Track patient attendance. Send letters to address attendance issues. Track no-show fees.
  • Administrative support to clinicians and staff as needed.
  • Billing support as needed.
  • Maintain library and track the loan of clinic materials.
  • Assist in maintaining printed forms for staff.
  • Maintain waiting room: straighten up, clean windows, vacuum, update reading materials, clean chairs and toys, sweep foyer, maintain waiting room signs.
  • Maintain bathrooms: regularly stock paper products and soap, take out trash and recyclables.
  • Clean doors and windows in treating areas and throughout the clinic.

What do you do when you do what you do?

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  1. Omg, there was a time in my life when my job description was almost the same as yours!

  2. Seems like you could run the place.

    Prep patient prescription medication intravenous orders with meds and items needed to complete compounding. Check orders and calculations for accuracy.

    Compound IV medications in a clean room/sterile hood under USP 797/800 guidelines. Keep that room so clean you could eat from the floor.

    Label orders and maintain communication with pharmacist to ensure timely delivery, paging as many times as needed until they finally show up.

    Stock warehouse shelves with shipments received and monitor inventory. Get on your pharmacy manager’s ass when stock runs low. Geez dude, walk the shelves!!

    I really do like my job!

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