Twenty things I did today, in no particular order:

  1. Fed my dogs, Oliver and Henry. This guy down the street saw me out with them the other day and offered me half a bag of dog food he said was leftover. Leftover. Yikes. This reminded me of Hemingway’s six-word story: For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.
  2. Zipped up my black boots.
  3. Sucked on a lemon drop, leftover from a Secret Santa gift bag.
  4. Took a call at work from a lady who had the wrong number. She was trying to reach her daughter, and kept asking what she should do to find her. “What number should I call?” she said. And I said, “Well, what number were you trying to call?” And she read me off a phone number, different in every way from ours. So I said, “Maybe call that number.” This confused her, and she said “Which number?” And I said, “The 2-5-3 one you just read me.” This conversation went on for some time.
  5. Pinched my thumb in an umbrella.
  6. Curled those couple strands of hair around my face which refuse to follow the curl pattern of the others.
  7. Checked on some flowers I have pressed inside a thick square book about Holga photography.
  8. Wrote an email to a friend.
  9. Wrote a bunch of emails to non-friends.
  10. Ate a salad with tofu while listening to All the President’s Men on my phone. The narrator does one hell of a Nixon voice.
  11. Found a child hiding under my desk and pretended I couldn’t see her.
  12. Unloaded the dishwasher. Nearly—nearly—dropped a glass. Slippery fucker.
  13. Watered the ferns. I’ve become a crazy plant lady during the pandemic, and have collected, at last count, a zillion houseplants. At present they’re clustered near the windows in winter survival mode.
  14. Added a quote to my commonplace book: “I think the universe is pure geometry—basically, a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time.” – Antony Garrett Lisi
  15. Drank three cups of instant coffee, with soy milk and six drops of stevia.
  16. Dropped an f-bomb. (See 5.)
  17. Sang “Rocket Man” in the car and then again in the kitchen.
  18. Tied loops in the straps of my mask to make it fit better. I can’t get into all this color-coordination with the masks, and always wear the blue paper ones to work. This new box must have been made for giants.
  19. Kissed my husband, who brought me a double bouquet of white mums.
  20. Read some pages from a book of poetry by Marie Howe. Lovely, lovely…

What did you do today?

Some roses my father brought home back in 1969.

6 responses

  1. Got up at 5am. That’s about it😊. Oh well I did do a load of washing. Sawed the remaining antler off a lovely carved ironwood elk an pondered whether he just looked more ridiculous and somehow naked. Had too much coffee waiting for the wind to die down so I can go outside an spray paint. Pondered cleaning a bathroom while waiting for help with a sprinkler system problem 9 am an the day stretches ahead full of possibilities or perhaps a nap

    • Or possibilities PLUS a nap. These are not mutually exclusive, and I’ve done extensive research on the topic.

  2. I packed my husband’s lunch and sent him off with a kiss and hug, did a load of laundry, made and drank a really good cup of coffee (for a change), had my morning Tarot read with my best friend, walked the dog, tromped in the mud left by the melting snow, Zoomed with my workmates, ate a ham sandwich while listening to Still Alice on my phone, half-watched old movies starring Dirk Bogarde, grumbled at Senators, updated websites again and yet again, worried about a sick coworker, texted the best kind of nonsense with my daughter, and stared lovingly at your William Morris background.

    • Your Tarot read is fascinating. I’ve never done anything with that, but last year I discovered the enneagram and found it life-changing. The two things are not at all related but the Tarot just brought it to mind. Do you pull a card every day?

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